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1 HOUR                                             $350

Frisky Frolic • Short & Sweet


1.5 HOURS                                        $500

Erotic Affair • Sneak away for a moment


2 HOURS                                          $600

Delightful Tryst • (recommend minimum for first timers)


3 HOURS                                          $800

Enticing Escape • Perfect duration to enjoy a snack while having a chat


4 HOURS                                          $1000

Romantic Rendezvous • Let me show you my wide range of culinary skills (home cooking at my place or yours) or let's head out for a delectable dinner date on the town! Please visit here for a list of Reccomendations/Date ideas

* Available Services & Add Ons located in FAQ section

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1 HOUR                                             $400


1.5 HOURS                                        $600


2 HOURS                                          $700


3 HOURS                                          $900


4 HOURS                                          $1100


6 HOURS                                           $1500

Intimate Indulgence • Forget the outside world for a while, let's get lost in eachother.


14 HOURS                                        $2500

Overnight • Let's order in and cuddle sans PJ's, we deserve it.


24 HOURS                                         $3000

Full Day • Time to get away from it all, what kind of memories will we make together?

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  • Couples are always welcome! Please add $200 to the envelope.

  • USD:CAD - 1:1 ratio.

  • A 50$ transportation fee will be applied to the cost of Outcalls.

  • Though rare, I am sometimes available for same day appointments. These will incur a additional $150 charge.

  • Sessions of 4 hours or more must include a meal/snacks and beverages provided by you.

  • My social rate is $200/hr and cannot be combined with my companionship rate. All social dates must take place in a public setting. Please check out a list of date ideas here.

  • I am always passport ready. I do not travel to the U.S. due to the unstable political climate and bias towards SW's

Ottawa Escort Lilah Woods

"An experience with Lilah is priceless. I’m a more shy person and from the first time I met her I was greeted by a big beautiful smile and a truly great soul. As we’ve gotten to know each other better our connection has grown, and every experience gets better. Lilah is everything your dreams imagine she will be. Her pictures speak for themselves, an alluring and bubbly blonde. Time spent with her can be whatever you want it to, fun, intellectual. You’ll find yourself coming back again, and again."


My company is best suited for those that are respectful and gracious. I believe in treating all with dignity and respect, and I always expect the same in return.

I offer an array of services that can be found when you visit my FAQ section. I am also open to duos with most providers (notable names can be found on my Friends page)

My discreet incall space is located in the heart of Ottawa's Centretown West District, it is equipped with all the necessary amenities and there is plenty of street parking.

Let us take an adventure, enjoy a delectable meal or stolen moments during your lunch break. Whatever it may be, I guarantee our time to be unforgettable in every way. 

I look forward to connecting with you!


All the kisses ,

Lilah Woods

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